We’ve Been Visiting Disney World For Over 15 Years — Here Are the 10 Essentials We Always Pack

We’ve gotta hurry since your Disney World trip is almost here and, we’ve got a bunch to talk about!

Cinderella Castle

For our conversation today, we need to talk about the essentials you’re going to pack for the trip. We have been going to and reporting on Disney World for over 15 years and we have been in the parks every. single. day. for over 5 years. We polled our team to see what they always pack when going to Disney World. Here is that list of essentials!

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First up, if you didn’t know Florida is a bright and sunny place, and Disney World is doubly so since there is a clear lack of shading around the parks. So one of the things we always recommend is that you protect yourself from all that sun exposure and one of the easiest ways to do that is by popping on a hat! If you’re going to wear one, you should choose one that’s comfortable and rocking your favorite Disney character like this one!


Now, a bucket hat is going to give you even more sun protection than a baseball cap due to its wide brim, so you may want to pick up one of these! That’s especially true if you love Pooh (I mean who doesn’t?).

Clear Rain Jacket

Next, since we’ve been talking about Florida, let’s talk about how Florida has this habit of dumping rain on you every single afternoon. If you’re going to be outside and don’t want to get soaked, you should definitely invest in a quality pair of reusable ponchos. Since they fold down so small and tight, they’re a perfect fit for even the smallest belt bags. We love ponchos like this one because you don’t have to pull it over your head and it’s made with a sturdy material. It also comes in a pack of 2, which is really nice!


One of the things we use constantly at night in our hotel rooms is a sound machine. A lot of us just sleep better when we can have some white noise in the background and a machine like this one doubles as a sound machine and night light (which will keep you from stubbing your toes at night). The Disney World walls can be pretty thin, so this can really help with that!


If white noise, or any noise for that matter, keeps you wide awake at night, what you’d want to look into is a quality set of earplugs. These ones are reusable, soft, and comfortable which is music to our ears.


Just put it in your mind that you’re going to go through a LOT of power when you’re at Disney World and it’s because you have to do everything with your phone. If you don’t come prepared with a portable charger (or two) there’s a chance you might run out of juice before the end of your day. Save yourself all kinds of headaches and make sure you’re prepared with portable chargers like these Fuel Rods which you can swap out at a TON of locations throughout the parks for freshly topped off ones. We like to buy ours on Amazon because you basically get two for the price you’d pay for one in the parks!

Portable Neck Fan

In addition to protecting yourself from the sun, you’re going to need to keep yourself cool (again Florida gets hot!). We love our portable neck fans as they give you hands-free cooling and depending on your setting, you can get up to 16 hours of use per charge.

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What do you do if you want to multitask while you sleep? If that’s you and you’d like to work on getting some curls in your hair while you sleep, you need to check out these heatless curlers by Kitsch. They’ll give you the curls you’re looking for all while you sleep. Also, these are wrapped in satin so you can be sure they won’t cause unnecessary damage to your hair.


When it comes to protecting our skin, we try not to play any games (as you can tell by how much we talk about it!). This SPF powder from Supergoop! is perfect for setting your makeup and giving you that SPF protection you need. It’s also really handy for reapplying SPF to your face when you’ve got a full face of makeup.

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Last up, there’s just something iconic about making sure to pack at least one pair of Mickey ears for the trip. Ones like this one are just straight to the point and a perfect fit with most of your outfits for the park.

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