Final Fantasy 14’s Yoshi-P isn’t remaking FF9, but no matter what you think, he wouldn’t turn it into an action game even if he was

As rumours about a Final Fantasy 9 remake continue to swirl, Final Fantasy 14’s Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida says one thing’s for sure: he’s not making it.

Back in March, some Final Fantasy 9 themed items were revealed to be coming to Final Fantasy 14 alongside the MMO’s latest expansion, Dawntrail. He wouldn’t say why there will be Final Fantasy 9 items, out of all the games, only that the reason behind them is a secret. With it being Not-E3 season and all, there’s of course been more discussions about those Final Fantasy 9 remake rumours, but Square Enix hasn’t announced anything just yet. However, during a recent Final Fantasy 14 Letter from the Producer, Yoshi-P outright denied that he’s involved in the project, and also said he knows nothing about it.

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Important to note that this isn’t him saying there is one – he’s just saying he’s not making one. To be clear, the reason he’s addressing the rumour at all is because of fan comments saying that they wouldn’t want him to handle it because he might change the game’s combat into real-time action as opposed to turn based. However, even if he isn’t working on it, he did say “If we were remaking FF9 people would complain we’d turn it into an action game! But I’d make it turn-based,” so at least you don’t have to worry if Yoshi-P suddenly does end up remaking it for whatever reason.

If there is a Final Fantasy 9 remake, I’m sure Square Enix will reveal it… eventually. In the meantime, Final Fantasy 14’s latest expansion, Dawntrail, is nearly here, finally releasing on July 2, just over a couple of weeks away. And don’t worry, Yoshi-P promises the expansion’s launch has “almost no chance” of repeating Endwalker’s server woes.

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