Celebrity SPOTTED in Disney World! You Won’t Believe Who Just Rode Avatar Flight of Passage!

It’s no secret that celebrities love Disney World as much as we do.

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Now, maybe they’re not just like us because they usually get to do cool things like get their own tables at their favorite bar (Neil Patrick Harris, we’re looking at you), get escorted around the park by VIP tour guides, and have probably never had to wait in a long line for a ride in their lives. But they still love Disney, so at least that’s relatable, right? We’ve seen a few celebrities recently having fun at The Most Magical Place on Earth, including Sydney Sweeney and Charlize Theron, but now ANOTHER celebrity has posted photos from a recent Disney World trip.

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Okay, Gleeks, this one is for you, because you’ll remember Harry Shum, Jr. from his stint on Glee. Of course, he’s also on Grey’s Anatomy and was in the award-winning film Everything Everywhere All At Once, as well as Crazy Rich Asians and the Shadowhunters TV series (which is currently on Hulu if you want to check it out). Shum recently visited Disney World and shared photos with him having some magical fun with friends!

©Harry Shum, Jr.

Shum noted that he hadn’t visited Disney World since he was five years old, but that his recent trip made him feel five years old all over again and that Disney World “still has it.” (We know!)

©Harry Shum, Jr.

One of the photos shows Shum frolicking with his friends beside Cinderella Castle (it makes us feel like frolicking, too — we get it!).

©Harry Shum, Jr.

Another photo was taken in front of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT‘s France Pavilion. We like the addition of the Remy shoulder plush here.

©Harry Shum, Jr.

Along with a photo of the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom, Shum also posted a photo of him getting ready to board Flight of Passage.

©Harry Shum, Jr.

He also posted a photo of something we’re always obsessed with: Disney ducks!

©Harry Shum, Jr.

It certainly looks like Shum had a great time, but who wouldn’t, right? We always enjoy seeing celebrities in Disney World having the time of their lives and rediscovering that magic that we always see when we’re there, too.

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