8 Disney World Rides That Seriously Need To Make a Comeback

Things in Disney World are always changing, which is basically, what Walt himself always wanted — theme parks that continue to change and evolve over time.


That doesn’t mean we have to be happy with some of the changes (or in some cases, changes that are never made). Now, don’t get us wrong — we are EXCITED about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom, as well as the upcoming Magic Kingdom expansion. But some people are also a little sad about Dinoland, U.S.A. getting re-themed and never seeing Dr. Seeker again. There are also plenty of rides we STILL miss, although we also might argue some existing rides need some updating, too.

So here are some rides we’d like to see make a comeback in Disney World. Some of these rides are just those that Disney World closed, while others are existing rides that need a refresh so they can also make a big comeback.

Alien: ExtraTerrorestrial Encounter

Yes, this ride terrified a LOT of Disney World visitors in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, but some of us loved it because it was so scary. The original ride did take some inspiration from the Alien movies, which were owned by 20th Century Fox. However, Disney now OWNS 20th Century Fox, including the rights to use Alien in its parks, and we would just love to see this ride reimagined with an actual Xenomorph from those movies, which would make it ten times more terrifying.

Alien Encounter ©Disney

Disney could even bring in Sigourney Weaver into the attraction to reprise her role as Ripley, maybe warning us and helping us escape the alien that ends up breaking out and running loose. You can give us a call about this anytime, Disney. We have ideas!

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Journey Into Imagination

The current Journey Into Imagination with Figment in EPCOT is a far cry from what the original Journey Into Imagination was like. For starters, the host of the original journey was Dreamfinder, a red-bearded man in a blue suit and top hat riding a blimp-meets-bicycle-meets-vacuum contraption. This vehicle is the Dream Mobile, and it collects dreams and ideas to create NEW things. How magical does that sound?

©Disney | Dreamfinder

Figment joins Dreamfinder to help collect those dreams and ideas, and the fact that Disney felt the need to EVER change this ride is beyond us. In 1999, the ride even dropped Figment, but in 2002, Figment returned in Journey Into Imagination with Figment, but without his friend, Dreamfinder. We would love to see this ride returned to its original glory; thank you very much.

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The Timekeeper

Disney getting rid of a ride in Magic Kingdom that starred the amazing Robin Williams really happened, y’all. The Timekeeper was Disney’s first ever CircleVision attraction that had everything: time travel, adventure, humor, and a robot host voiced by Williams. It even had Jules Verne and H.G. Wells!


There were plenty of fun time-traveling mishaps to be had before Disney decided to shutter this attraction in 2006. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? It was a lot of fun, and it helped keep crowds down in Tomorrowland.

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World of Motion

Before there was Test Track at EPCOT, there was World of Motion, an Omnimover ride that took Disney World visitors through the history of transportation. Okay, so maybe that doesn’t sound like fun, but it took a whimsical approach to storytelling that made learning about transportation history a lot of fun. The end of the ride even used illusions to put you into futuristic vehicles.


We know that this World of Motion may never return, because Test Track isn’t going anywhere. However, Test Track is getting an update, and concept art for the new ride takes inspiration from the old World of Motion vehicles. Could we see some of the World of Motion concept return? We hope so!

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Speaking of incredible rides at EPCOT, Horizons was an AMAZING ride that also used an Omnimover vehicle, but it was suspended from a track above it. Sounds cool, right? Then you went through these incredibly detailed scenes with animatronics, imagining the future while using aromas, visual effects, and sound effects. It was intended as a spiritual successor to the Carousel of Progress.


Horizons suffered from some bad luck, though. There was a sinkhole beneath the building and that ultimately doomed the ride to be closed — it was demolished and the space was eventually used for Mission: SPACE. Many of us, though, won’t forget it. We’d love to see it return to EPCOT in some way as it was probably the MOST EPCOT ride at the park.

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Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is still the heart of EPCOT, but this ride hasn’t been updated since 2008. This ride takes you through the history of communication, but a LOT has happened in communication since then. A LOT. So if you ride it now, it might feel like it’s terribly outdated…because it is.

Spaceship Earth

When Disney announced the massive EPCOT transformation, the much-needed update to Spaceship Earth was also announced. However, the update never happened and now we’re stuck with a ride that reminds us of that time when we thought owning a Blackberry made us cool.

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Tomorrowland Speedway

Over in Tomorrowland, you can SMELL the gas fumes from Tomorrowland Speedway before you ever even see the ride. It goes back to when Americans were way more obsessed with cars than they are now. Not only is it an incredibly boring ride (at least for adults forced to ride with their kids), but it is another outdated attraction whose time has come.

There is nothing exciting about this

We would love to see this ride have some new life breathed into it. Since Disney loves using IP in the parks, why not give it a makeover? Something that almost always gets mentioned is changing the ride to have a Sugar Rush theme from Wreck-It Ralph. That would be SO much more fun and today’s kids would appreciate it much more if it felt more like a video game and less like driving 6mph on a boring track.

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“it’s a small world”

Okay, “it’s a small world” is a CLASSIC attraction, but if you’ve ever been on the version in Disneyland, you already know that the one in Disney World is inferior. First, Disneyland’s version of the ride has this gorgeous whimsical exterior…

“it’s a small world” in Disneyland

…while the exterior at Disney World is SO boring.

“it’s a small world” at Disney World

Disneyland’s version of “it’s a small world” also has dolls representing Disney characters in almost every scene, which adds a certain level of fun that Disney World’s version of the ride lacks. We’d love to see both the exterior and interior of the Disney World ride become more like the one in Disneyland.

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So, yes, we miss some of the attractions that Disney World closed, even a long time ago. But we also feel like we’re missing out on some attractions that could be updated.

Stay tuned to DFB for more.

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What Disney World rides do you think need to make a comeback? Let us know in the comments!

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