REVIEW: The Biggest Problem with Disney World’s New Treat Is Its Namesake

If you’re a Disney foodie, EPCOT is where you want to be right now! Although we’re spending the summer in a bit of a hiatus in festivals until it’s time for EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival to begin, EPCOT’s still pumping out some great summertime treats to cool off and eats that you’ve really got to hunt down!

Churro Sundae

But the new menu items didn’t just stop there! If you’re a dole whip fan there’s another cool treat to stop by and try out and we’ve got all the details!

Summer is here and it is HOT! Trust us — we’re looking for any way we can beat the Florida heat, even if it means taking a quick snack break to cool down. We recently stopped by one of our favorite restaurants in Mexico around EPCOT’s World Showcase to see what dreamy dessert they’ve added to their menu (and try it out)!

La Cantina de San Angel

If you look towards the lagoon, along the edge you’ll find La Cantina de San Angel. This is Mexico’s quick-service restaurant that typically serves light bites like nachos and guac, tacos, and of course some frozen margaritas! But we were after a different kind of treat this visit — something sweeter!


La Cantina de San Angel just added a new Churro Sundae to their menu which is made of mango Dole Whip, layered with whipped cream, and topped with lime Dole Whip and colorful green, red, and white sprinkles. This new treat will cost you $7.99 however, it’s worth asking if they offer any discounts for groups like Disney Vacation Club members.

Churro Sundae

At first glance, it’s really pretty to look at with a commanding presentation. There are several small bites of churros stuck into the lime Dole Whip at the top of the treat to call it a “churro sundae”. The lime flavor was bright and fruity and then when we dug into the middle the lime and mango flavors were divided by a full layer of sugary whipped cream. 

Lots of fruit-flavored Dole Whip

The mango also was fruity and sugary and really tasted like you would expect it to. It almost reminded us of the treats we’ve seen recently at Swirls On The Water at Disney Springs.

Where it lost us was its namesake — the churros. Disney World’s churros are notorious for being tough and crunchy on the outside and this treat’s churro bites were no exception, unfortunately. Although, we must say that it’s kind of hard for something to be soft and chewy when it’s stuck into a frozen treat so that couldn’t have helped its chances against the frozen soft serve.

Churro bite

It’s a cute float and stayed together against the intense Florida heat fairly well… until it didn’t.

Eat quickly

All in all, this is a good treat if you’re really looking for something sweet and cold to cool off with, but we wouldn’t have you count on the churros being the softest. It was a nice summery treat that will take the edge off the heat and distract you long enough to enjoy the lime and mango flavors but you’ll want to start digging in right away before it gets super melty on you.

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Will you be trying out this Dole Whip and churro treat? Tell us in the comments below!

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