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Don’t split just yet. Stick around and redeem all of these Pet Split Simulator Codes for a nifty boost. Whether you’re not making enough progress, or if you just fancy some freebies then this code guide is for you!

Check out Pet Split Simulator over on Roblox. If you’re a fan of freebies and want a head start in a new game, try our Gym League Codes Guide and Tapping Legends Final Codes Guide.

Pet Split Simulator Codes

I last checked for codes on July 14th, 2024.

Active Codes

Be sure to redeem these ASAP! Expired codes will be removed from the list in place of freshly found active ones. Make sure you never miss out on freebies and bookmark this page!

  • Quite unusually, Pet Split Simulator released without codes despite mentioning that codes will be implemented into the game.
  • As disappointing as this is, I promise you will get codes eventually, so I encourage you to check back for updates!

In the meantime so you don’t leave empty handed, you can claim the Like Reward from the main lobby for Keys, Coins, Gems and Boosters! And, if you join the group you can claim the Group Reward too for even more goodies!

How To Redeem Codes

Thankfully the process of redeeming your freebies is super easy! Just follow my simple step-by-step:

  • As the game hasn’t yet implemented codes, I also don’t know how they’ll be redeemed. But, this section is all set up to update as soon as codes are added to the game so you know how it works.

Where To Get More Codes

Either check out the Pet Split Simulator social media sites or stick with me! If you do split (get it?), you’ll have to rummage through a hectic Discord to source codes. But let’s be real, you have better things to do like get back to playing your favourite Roblox titles! So, you could always rely on me to keep this page updated instead.

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