How To Play That’s Not My Blocky Neighbor – A Beginner’s Guide

Feature image for our guide on how to play that's not my blocky neighbor. It shows a figure stood in a reception desk window with dark, distorted features.

Ready to take on a nightmare shift on the front desk? We’re here to help you out. Our guide on how to play That’s Not My Blocky Neighbor gives you the basis you need to survive.

That’s Not My Blocky Neighbor is out on Roblox. Looking for more scary game guides? Try our Floors Have Teeth endings guide.

How To Play That’s Not My Blocky Neighbor

In That’s Not My Blocky Neighbor, you’re a receptionist in an apartment block. Unfortunately, the stakes are higher than usual, as in this world, malevolent doppelgangers are trying to sneak in disguised as residents. Some are better at it than others.

The Basics

You have various tools at your disposal. Residents will arrive and you must use them to the best of your ability.

  • Appearance – Regular residents should match the photo on file, and the features describes.
  • Today’s List – You should have a list of everyone expected in today. If they’re not on the list, you should question them about why.
  • ID Card – Each possible resident should hand over an IC card, make sure they do, and question them if they don’t.
  • Entry Request – Each resident should have an entry request with reasons for leaving. If they don’t hand it over, or if the information like job title or floor is wrong, you should question them.
  • Entry Checklist – Use this to mark of anything the resident has, and ask questions if anything seems off.
  • Resident Files – Check the resident files on the right of the screen. They’re arranged by floor. This has info on each person, as well as a phone number for the apartment.
  • Phone – Here you can call an apartment to check if someone is home, or call the DDD to dispose of a double.
  • Panic Button – Hit the button to close the shutter if you think someone might be a doppels.
  • Lock Switch – Open this to let people through to the building.
  • Calendar – Keep an eye on the date to make sure an ID is valid.


Below is a checklist you can use to help you.

  • Is the resident on the list for the day? If not, question them.
  • Did the resident give you an ID card and an entry form? If not, question them.
  • Do the details on the ID card and entry form match the daily list and files?
  • Does the appearance seem normal or strange?
  • If normal, does the appearance match the photo on the daily list, and description in the files?
  • Is their ID number right?
  • Is their name spelled right?
  • If you call their apartment, are they home? (If they’re both at home and stood in front of you, that’s probably not a good sign.)

If You Think The Neighbor Is Normal

If you think the person is a regular blocky human, then go ahead and hit the lock button on the left to open the door. This will let them through.

Warning: Make sure to hit the lock button to close the door as soon as the resident has passed through. If you don’t close it manually, the next person will walk right through before you have a chance to question them. That’s probably bad.

If You Think The Person Is A Doppel

If you think the person might be a doppelganger, you need to follow the protocol.

  • Hit the red panic button on the left of the window to close the shutters. Do this before you do anything else.
  • Once you’re safe, take the phone and dial 3312 on the phone to summon the DDD they will send agents to deal with the issue.
  • The shutter will reopen when everything is safe.

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