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Feature image for our Gym League gyms guide. It shows a player character stood outside the Underground Gym.

There’s a whole world out there beyond the beach gym. And you can explore it, if you’re willing to put the world into your gains. Our Gym League gyms guide should tell you everything you need to know about other gyms and how to access them.

Gym League is available now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Gym League codes guide for those extra gains.

Gym League Gyms Guide

First, we explain gyms, then go into how to unlock them. Finally, we discuss what gyms you can unlock, and what each of the requirements are.

About Gym League Gyms

Gyms are the areas you spend most of your time in Gym League. These bring a new backdrop, though you might find the equipment familiar. Crucially, these give you access to new items in the shop, new competitions, and new body alters.

How To Unlock New Gyms

Unlocking new gyms is simple once you know how. You get to new ones by completing certain body alters. We’ve got a Gym League body alter guide if you’re confused about what that is. In short, keep training all your muscle groups to 100% and advance through each of the alters to unlock the next gym, then use the ‘Gyms’ tab in the sidebar to teleport to the one you’ve unlocked to access it.

Gym League Gym Requirements

Below is a list of the Gym League gyms, and the requirements to get inside. These are listed in order of progression, so expect to work your way up through each of them in order.

  • Beach Gym – You start here and unlock this by default!
  • Underground Gym – Complete Tan body alter.
  • The Gym – Complete Rock body alter.
  • Golden Gym – Complete Steel body alter.
  • Cyber Gym – Complete Diamond body alter.

These are all the ones we’ve found in the game right now. In future updates, who knows?

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