Type Soul Raids Guide – Raid Types and Rewards!

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Ready, set, Raid! This Type Soul Raids Guide outlines each Raid type within the game including the possible rewards obtained from each.

Check out Type Soul over on Roblox to get raiding! For more Type Soul content, have a look at our KT Shop Type Soul Guide and our Type Soul Skill Trees Guide.

Type Soul Raids Guide

Raiding is a core part of your Type Soul gameplay if you want to get stronger through experience and loot. Some evolutions for your lineage will demand raid participation and success, so it’s a no-brainer to join in. Raids trigger randomly and players choose if they want to join. If your server isn’t raiding, open the server menu from the top left and hop around until you find one that is.

Faction Raids

Faction Raids have the chance to trigger every 30 minutes in any area under the condition that there are 4 players from one race and 4 players from an enemy race in a server at the time of Raid reset. Participants have 60 seconds to ready up before the Raid then begins. This is an easily available Raid since if you’re in a densely populated server you’re likely to be invited.

  • Conquest – Capture all 4 points around the map before the timer runs out. The Raid ends when a team gets 800 points or when the timer runs out.
  • Art of The Soul – A team deathmatch where the objective is to battle and kill all enemy players. Every player receives 2 lives.
  • Gladiators – All players spectate as 2 players from each faction battle in an arena. Players battle in 2v2 until only 1 player remains who wins the Raid on behalf of their faction.

Karakura Town Raids

As implied by the name, these Raids only happen in Karakura Town. The requirements to trigger this Raid are at least 3 players from your lineage and 3 players from an enemy race.

  • King of The Hill – Teams aim to capture the point on the map and the first team to reach 100% wins.
  • Team Deathmatch – Kill enemy players to receive points (1 point for 1 kill) and the first faction to get 30 points wins.
  • Capture The Flag – Turn in 3 flags to win, or have the most flags when the timer runs out.

Raid Loot

All raids are worth participating in. When complete, winning races receive a free item and accessory at random. Losing factions still gets a chunk of EXP, so it isn’t entirely in vain. Amongst the rewards, players might receive:

  • True Hogyoku
  • Hogyoku Fragments
  • Essences
  • Spirit Boxes
  • Hollow Boxes
  • Elixirs
  • Boxes
  • Soul Tickets

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