How To Play The Mimic On Roblox

Ready for a terrifying ride through Japan’s abandoned places? No, I’m not either but it’s what I’m going to do anyway. Our how to play The Mimic on Roblox guide goes over how to get started in this horror game.

The Mimic is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s a survival horror that you can play either on your own or as part of a group, depending on how terrified you want to feel. The game pits you against a variety of twisted monsters that you can’t fight. All you can do is try to keep out of their way.

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How To Play The Mimic On Roblox

Here we’ll outline the basics of the game to try and help you stay alive in your first half-hour or so of this nightmare.

Exploring The Levels

An important part of the game is exploring the areas to look for items. You’ll wander through abandoned schools, creepy caves, flooded sewers, and places that really shouldn’t join up with each other if there weren’t supernatural shenanigans afoot.


Your main means of progress is collecting keys. These are items you can equip by hitting the slot on your hotbar and you can use them to open corresponding doors. You’ll spend a lot of your time searching for keys to advance your way through the areas.

In a multiplayer server, everyone can grab a copy of the key, so don’t worry about someone grabbing it then goofing off.

The Monsters

The biggest problem you have in The Mimic are the monsters. These dangerous creatures wander the hallways and if they catch you, you’re in trouble. You will see them wandering around, though by the time you do it might be too late.

Your best bet is to use sound cues. Listen for noises nearby and use those as a way to judge when to take risks and when to get out of there.

If you’re in a multiplayer game and a monster gets you, don’t despair. If one person completes an area, then you all do. Phew!

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