Head Into The Abyss, The Latest DLC Expansion Of Melvor Idle!

Melvor Idle has dropped its latest expansion Into the Abyss. It throws you into an epic face-off against Xon, the Abyssal King. So, you can be sure that it’s about to get gritty! This expansion is all about exploring the unknown lands.

What’s In Store In Melvor Idle Into the Abyss Expansion?

After giving Bane the boot in the base game, you can now venture into the Abyssal Realm. The place is every bit as dangerous and mind-bending as you’d imagine. March straight into the heart of chaos and deal with Xon’s mischievous antics.

Melvor Idle: Into the Abyss expansion has new Combat Challenges that are great. The spotlight is on The Stronghold. It’s a new combat challenge where only the skilled survive. And if you can win against all the hordes of enemies, you get to reap all kinds of amazing loot.

Into the Abyss expansion has two new Abyssal Skills as well. They are Harvesting and Corruption. Also, every base game skill now sports Abyssal Skill levels. They’ve also dropped over 900 new items to obsess over, 20+ adorable yet fierce new pets, and 100+ new monsters.

Have You Played The Game Yet?

Inspired by RuneScape, Melvor Idle is an idle/incremental game published by Jagex, the publisher of RuneScape. It has a similar skill system like RuneScape but a different style of gameplay. In Melvor Idle, you click on items and areas to make things happen.

The game offers a limitless combat system with 8 dedicated Skills and countless dungeons and bosses. You get over 1500 items and 60+ cute pets to collect. The new expansion of Melvor Idle, Into the Abyss, drops today (June 13th). It’s up for grabs at $4.99.

So, go ahead and slay some monsters! Check out Melvor Idle from the Google Play Store. And before heading out, take a look at our other stories. Exciting Artefacts Are Up For Grabs In Shop Titans For Its 5th Anniversary!

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