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Wanna know how to unlock all of the Gym League Gyms? Read this guide! I’ve gone over each gym, including the corresponding Body Alters.

Visit the official Gym League Roblox page to grow your muscles! For more gym content, read our Gym League Body Alter guide to learn more about the unlockable Alters.

Gym League Gyms Guide

Progressing through Gym League unlocks access to a variety of gyms to utilise. The more power you have, the better the gym. Reaching the later gyms, alongside increasing your muscle, is the aim of the game!

How to Unlock All Gyms in Gym League

There are 5 gyms in total to unlock in Gym League:

  • Beach GYM
  • Underground GYM
  • The GYM
  • Golden GYM
  • Cyber GYM

The Beach GYM is the first one that you unlock in Gym League. On top of that, the first Body Alter you get is the Normal one.

Equipping new Body Alters increases your overall Muscle Growth. The Body Alters tie into the process of unlocking new Gyms as you need to fully ‘complete’ a Body Alter beforehand.

Underground GYM

To unlock the Underground GYM, you need to complete the Tan Body Alter. This one costs a total of $500 and takes you from 2.5K power to 5K with a Muscle Growth of 1.5x. Once you reach 5K power, you can purchase the next Body Alter, and unlock the Underground GYM.


To unlock The GYM, the Rock Body Alter must be completed. This Body Alter is locked behind World 2, which you unlock once you gain access to the Underground GYM.

Golden GYM

You need to complete the Steel Body Alter to unlock the Golden GYM. Unlock the previous gym (The GYM) to gain access to World 3, which is when you can purchase and equip Steel.

Cyber GYM

For the last gym, the Diamond Body Alter must be completed. As you can probably guess, the Diamond Body Alter can be equipped once you unlock World 4 via the Golden GYM.

Body Alter Order

While you need to unlock certain Body Alters to access the later gyms, they aren’t one after another. There are other Body Alters to progress through as you go along. Here’s the full order of Body Alters:

  • Normal (the first Body Alter that you equip in the Beach GYM)
  • Shredded
  • Tan (the Body Alter that unlocks the Underground GYM upon completion
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Rock (Unlocks The GYM once complete)
  • Metal
  • Shiny
  • Steel (When completed, the Steel Body Alter unlocks the Golden GYM)
  • Armored
  • Alien
  • Diamond (Unlocks the Cyber GYM, which is the most recent gym in the game)
  • Water
  • Magma
  • Plasma

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