Gym League Body Alter Guide

Feature image for our Gym League body alter guide. It shows a Gym League player character with muscular shoulders but skinny legs.

Eager for that rock-like physique.. literally? The Gym League body alter system lets you upgrade your buffness to whole new whites as you become rocky, metallic, or even made of living plasma. Our guide is here to walk you through what you need to do to advance, as well as let you know what’s on offer further along the line.

Gym League is free to play now on Roblox. Want something that gets your heart pumping in a very different way? Try out Floors Have Teeth endings guide.

Gym League Body Alter Guide

First, let’s explain body alters, then how to get them, and finally, what ones you can earn.

About Body Alters

Body Alters switch up your skin’s appearance in Gym League, giving it a new texture. It’s not just that, though. They give you a boost to your muscle growth, making training go faster. So there’s a good gameplay reason to earn and equip them.

How To Change Your Body Alter

You can buy Body Alters from the shop, but to do so you need to complete the previous one. How do you do that? It’s all in the training. If you take a look at your stats window by hitting the icon on the left of the screen, you’ll see your training stats, and a percentage next to each muscle group. You need to get all these up to 100% before you can get the next alter.

Some of the alters also require you to unlock different worlds, so you may need to focus on some other progress before you unlock them.

Body Alter List

Here are the body alters currently available, in order of difficulty to acquire.

  • Normal – Available by default, so you should start with this.
  • Shredded
  • Tan
  • Concrete
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Shiny
  • Steel
  • Armored
  • Alien
  • Diamond
  • Water
  • Magma
  • Plasma

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