Dawn Of Titans-Like Game Lords Glory Soft Launches On Android

If you’re into real-time strategy MMO mobile games like Lords Mobile, then I have a new game for you. But you have to be in the US to play it as it has soft launched on Android in the US only. The game is Lords Glory and it’s a real-time strategy MMO that mixes an epic storyline with tough battles. The game is from Skyrise Digital, a subsidiary of IGG, which is the studio that made Lords Mobile.

What Is Lords Glory About?

Lords Glory takes you to the mystical world of Arcania, a medieval fantasy land. You build your town from the ground up and make sure it totally thrives. Craft your town into a mighty fortress with various building units and decor. You’ll get to see a lot of 3D European-style architects.

The ancient race of ghosts is lurking around in Arcania, posing a serious threat to the living. To protect your kingdom and fend off these undead enemies, you’ll need to raise an army. That’s where the game’s variety of troops and battle gear come in handy.

Lords Glory also has tons of Dragon units for you. Deploy a fleet of Dragons, led by their Dragonborn Heroes, to take your battles to the skies. These Dragons let you launch attacks across high mountains and deep valleys. Whether you prefer melee, ranged, aerial or magic attacks, these Dragons are a must for your troop.

You’ll also need to forge alliances with other players to ensure your dominance. And as you climb the ranks, balancing power in the region is pretty important. So, that’s about it. The game is free to play. If you are in the US and want to try it out, grab it from the Google Play Store.

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