We Found 11 Hidden SECRETS in EPCOT’s Newest Attraction!

The construction walls are FINALLY down in EPCOT!

Mickey & Friends

After several years, the entire park is once again open, and we’ve got new spots to explore! Disney just officially opened CommuniCore Plaza and CommuniCore Hall in World Celebration, and we were there to check them out on opening day. But one thing we thought was really fun about this new space? There are SO many hidden details and nods to old EPCOT.

Most of these details are found on CommuniCore Hall in the section near (and inside of!) the Mickey & Friends meet and greet. Disney has decorated the queue space with artwork to commemorate the various stages of EPCOT.

One of the first nods we spotted was this artwork of the ride vehicle from Body Wars! Remember that attraction that would literally take you INSIDE a human body? Super weird and super nostalgic.

So many details in the artwork!

Nearby, we spotted Goofy in an outfit that also transported us back in time! He’s cruising along in the hovercraft vehicle from the desert portion of Horizons. Horizons sadly closed back in 1999 and today, Mission: SPACE lives in its former home.

Hey Goof!

Speaking of Mission: SPACE, we’re pretty sure this rocket is a nod to the space exploration attraction! During the ride, you board a shuttle for either a flight around the earth (on the green mission) or a trip to Mars (on the orange mission).

Ready for launch!

Another nod to Horizons can be found both outside the Mickey & Friends meet and greet, as well as indoors in the meet and greet room — the robot butler! He used to appear in the “looking back at the future” segment of Horizons as a nod to futurism. How we wish we had robot butlers today!

The robot butler!

Also in the outdoor queue, we noticed some art that looks suspiciously like one of our favorite pavilions — is that The Land Pavilion that we see? These days, the pavilion is home to Living With the Land, Soarin’ Around the World, Awesome Planet, and Sunshine Seasons.

It’s the Land Pavilion

Right next door to The Land Pavilion is The Seas Pavilion, and it was represented in the stunning mural by this scuba diver! We’ve spent many hours watching the scuba divers inside the giant aquarium at The Seas, so this is a fitting tribute.

A nod to The Seas

Around the corner as you enter the indoor part of the queue, we spotted this dinosaur! Do you know what it represents? That’s right hardcore EPCOT fans, this is a nod to Universe of Energy! 

Universe of Energy

Once you get inside, there’s a waiting room before you get to the actual meet and greet. Here, we noticed a familiar vehicle — Dreamfinder’s flying machine from the OG Figment attraction. This was featured in Journey Into Imagination before it went through two revamps to become the version we have today.

The Dreamfinder!

With the revamp of the middle of EPCOT, we lost the iconic Fountain of Nations, so Disney honored the landmark with some artwork inside this room. It was a stunning feature in the former Future World!

Fountain of Nations

We also spotted artwork of SMRT-1, who was a robot character from the old CommuniCore! You could previously find him at CommuniCore’s Computer Central area

Look who it is!

And last but not least, we’ve got to show off this hidden Mickey we found in the meet and greet room! One of the walls is covered with beautiful floral artwork, and you’ll spot Mickey tucked away inside.

And a hidden Mickey

If you want to learn more about the secrets of CommuniCore Hall — check out this video from Disney! They added special tiles to the exterior of the building that light up at night to match Spaceship Earth. How cool is that?

That’s a wrap on the hidden details from the new CommuniCore Hall! Stay tuned to DFB for more updates from EPCOT and all the news about changes coming to the parks.

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