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This Type Soul Purple Elixir Guide tells you what this unique potion is, what it does and how you can get your hands on it! If you’re in the market for a new Essence then stick around.

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Type Soul Purple Elixir Guide

Despite what you might think, this bit of alchemy isn’t a blend of the Red and Blue elixir. The Purple Elixir is a unique item to Type Soul with an interesting effect. This Mythical rarity potion is a drop from Clan Wars and Ranked Matches, though, if you’re not overly confident in your combat then you might be able to trade for it if you have a decent enough offer!

When consumed, the Purple Elixir removes your current Essence and stores it in your inventory whilst existing SB and Stat Points remain invested. This item can then be traded with other players, or remain as a keepsake. Your itemized Essence won’t drop on death, so don’t worry about losing it.

All Essences

Essences also drop from Clan Wars and 2v2 Ranked, like the Purple Elixir. The Essences categorise by type, some of them being lineage-specific and others being used by any faction. Your collected Essences won’t drop on death, and to use an Essence it requires 40 points invested in that tree. Unlike the Purple Elixir, a Blue Pill will remove an Essence without refunding it to a player’s inventory.

  • All Faction Essences
    • Horizon Core
    • Unseen Blade
    • Crazed Blitz
    • Territorial Mark
  • Arrancar Exclusive Essences
    • Bala Fireworks
    • Fusion Essence (Arrancar Medic)
  • Soul Reaper Exclusive Essences
    • Raging Reiatsu
    • Gran Raikoho
    • Teppusatsu
  • Quincy Exclusive Essences

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