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Curious about the best Steam sales that are available right now? I’ve scoured the platform to find the top deals, with huge discounts for new and old games.

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Best Steam Sales Right Now

Fancy treating yourself to a new game? Here are some great discounts!

Top Sales

Our favourite discounts!

Cat Quest Trilogy

  • 56% off – £39.97 to £17.45
promo image from cat quest 2 as the cat characters battle against enemies in mew fields with fire torches and a staff with a blue crystal on top

All of the Cat Quest games are currently on sale, but the Cat Quest Trilogy bundle stands out to me! With a whopping discount, you can enjoy all 3 main games for a fraction of the price. Starting with the first instalment is definitely worth it, with hours of fun ahead.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

  • 56% off – £74.96 to £33.00
promo image from shadow of the tomb raider of lara craft holding on to a vine as she looks at a stone sculpture surrounding by branches and plants as the rain pours

The Definitive Edition is on sale! These games go on sale quite a lot, but I thought I’d mention this one due to the neat 56% discount. I always like it when special editions of games go on sale rather than the standard, as it feels much more like a good find! Played it on a console but always wanted to try it out on PC? Sorted.

Fable Anniversary

  • 70% off – £26.99 to £8.09
promo image from fable anniversary of a character wearing a full set of armor with metal and leather, as he holds a wooden bow, with a blue aura swirling around him and the silhouettes of trees in the background

With the recent news on the Fable franchise, I’m happy that the Anniversary edition is on sale! This 70% discount makes the classic game a must-buy for those who want to get into the series before the new instalment comes out. You won’t regret it, it’s a classic for a reason!

More Sales

Check these out too!

House Flipper

  • 70% off – £20.99 to £6.29

Everyone’s favourite house-flipping game, House Flipper is now on sale. The second instalment is also on sale, but it only has a 25% discount, making this one much better! If you’ve been meaning to get around to trying the game out, but never had the chance, now is your time! It’s a great deal, but keep in mind that House Flipper has a ton of DLC add-ons if you want to flesh out the game further – a bit like Sims in that regard…

Little Nightmares I & II Bundle + DLC

  • 78% off – £52.13 to £11.33

Both of the Little Nightmares games are on sale, but you can get them together plus DLC for a low price! I’m quite fond of the Little Nightmares series, so it’s nice to see both instalments as well as a bunch of DLC becoming more affordable. The DLC includes Upside-down Teapot, Scarecrow Sack, The Depths, The Residence, and The Hideaway.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

  • 95% off – £49.99 to £2.49

I think this is the best sale that I found for this week! A whopping 95%, dropping the game down from full price to around £2.50. If you’ve been wanting to try out a Civ game for a while, this is the perfect time to do so. I’m not sure when a deal this good will be back again, so I say go for it!

Street Fighter 6

  • 50% off – £49.99 to £24.99

The latest addition to the famous franchise is now half-price! It was released a year ago, so it’s nice to see a decent deal ongoing for the title. Been a fan of the series for years but haven’t gotten around to trying the newest game? Treat yourself!

Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe + Virgil

  • 60% off – £31.99 to £12.79

You can find this deal by visiting the game’s Steam page! The standard edition of DMC 5 + Vergil is also on sale, but I suggest going for the Deluxe version that also comes with Vergil as a playable character.

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