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Whether you’re playing with 2 or more, these are my weekly picks for The BEST Roblox Co-op Games! The hunt for fun multiplayer games has come to an end. Make sure you bookmark this feature and check back every Thursday for my new Co-op game selections, just in time for the weekend!

I also look after the Roblox Games of The Week feature which I update every Tuesday! Or, if you’re less of a wimp than me, check out the Roblox Horror Games feature managed by my good friend Adele!

The Best Roblox Co-op Games

Onto the best picks! This feature was initially created on June 13th, 2024.

When The

The title of this one gives absolutely nothing away. But, if you’re familiar with Natural Disaster then you’ll probably enjoy When The. In this intensified version of Natural Disaster, you and the other hub players must survive a series of disasters across multiple maps. The catch is that When The pushes your survival instincts with non-natural disasters and hilariously weird maps.

Have fun surviving the onslaught of terrors such as army raids, laser beams and volcanos whilst on maps with tiny platforms or janky theme parks.

when the image shows an island destroyed with a ring of red orbs surrounding it


This title is a long-time favourite of mine and is far more fun with friends. Similar to Minecraft Skyblock, you host or join an island suspended in the sky and get to build, craft, cook and adventure. Around the main hub, there are tons for you and your friends to do such as mine, combat, learn magic and trade. I grew up adoring Minecraft Skyblock public servers and this game really feels like a love note to that time.

islands image shows a character holding a wooden axe before a stone statue in the main lobby

Who’s SUS?

Similar to Among Us but has no tasks. In Who’s SUS? Everyone gets a prompt except one player who receives no prompt and is told to blend in. The goal is to either find the promptless player who is lying or if you’re promptless, convince the rest that you’re safe and know what the theme is. I remember the first time I played this I won a round as the promptless and another player said “You are definitely AI” in frustration. Hehe. (I’m not, of course).

whos sus image showing my avatar mid-air next to a red among us character in a beidge office with seats and a tv behind us

Floors Have Teeth

I’m a wimp. I am such a wimp and I can’t stand horror but this is genuinely one of the best made horrors to ever hit the Roblox platform. Maybe having company will make you feel more at ease, though even if you do end up playing this game alone, you’ll soon learn you’re not alone either! This game has a creepy ambience and story to match, I won’t say much since that could spoil it, just trust me and nag your buddies into trying this game.

floors have teeth image which shows the title menu for floors have teeth with multiplayer highlighted

My All-Time Favourite Multiplayer Games!

Whether you’re new here or a long-time follower of this feature, these games remain my all-time faves to play with buddies for a dedicated game or a time waster.

  • Islands – Similar to Minecraft Skyblock.
  • When The – Like Natural Disaster on Steroids.

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