Sad, but true – Metallica are headlining Fortnite Festival, marking the ideal point for your dad to get into it

Right, so having been played at every sporting event known to man and put out some undeniably incredible thrash bangers back in the day, Metallica are now doing what everything that exists in our world must – pop up in Fortnite, via an update that launches today, June 13.

To be fair, being in a mosh pit filled with folks in Fallout’s T-60 power armour as James Hetfield and co belt out Enter Sandman loud enough to shatter your eardrums through your helmet sounds like a pretty good time. Just make sure you don’t accidentally step on anyone’s toes with your metal boots.

As announced via a blog post, Fortnite Festival Season 4 will feature a bunch of Metallica-themed stuff to celebrate the fact they’re performing in the mode on June 22 and 23. “Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury” is the name of their set in the mode, with Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, and The Unforgiven looking like they’ll be part of the initial tracklist.

As you’d expect, there’ll be skins of all four band members on offer, as well as a new emote, and a new Rocket Racing track called Thrash Mountain. That said, arguably the biggest addition is a new “PvP Battle Stage”, which’ll stick around for the long haul once this new season’s over.

Epic describes this new mode as “a musical free-for-all” that’ll see 16 players fight it out across a four song setlist until one victor remains, an arrangement Fortnite players definitely haven’t got previous experience of.

Speaking of battle royale, the update also adds Ride the Lightning guitars to that mode, which can be used to “to create a lightning arc in the sky that your squadmates can ride”, which’ll then allow you to come crashing back to Earth as an attack. The loot islands have also been revamped to look like the stage being used by the band during their ongoing M72 World Tour.

So, there you go. By the way, this season is set to fade to black on Ausgust 16, so wherever you may roam, make sure it’s into the game before then if you’re so psyched about this update that nothing else matters.

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