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Looking for the Find the Auras Mythical Aura Locations? This guide walks you through each location, describing your surroundings and the direction you need to go in! It’s updated frequently as new Mythical auras are implemented into the game.

Visit the Find the Auras Roblox page to find out when new auras are added to the game. For more aura-based games, we’ve got an Aura RNG Codes guide, a How to Craft Infinity in Aura Craft walkthrough, and a Hades RNG Auras guide that lists every aura you can obtain!

Find the Auras Mythical Aura Locations

At this current time, there are 8 auras of Mythical rarity in Find the Auras. Due to their ‘rarity’, they’re much harder to find when exploring the expansive map. So, that’s where this guide comes in to help! Each location of all Mythical auras is noted down below. I plan to update this guide whenever a brand-new Mythical aura is added to the game, so remember to check back!

Void Aura

Walk to the large rock mountain from the lobby area. Jump up the rocks, and then head to the right when the ledge creates a pathway. Keep going this way until you spot a doorway on the side of the mountain! Head inside the mountain and follow the tunnel path to enter a small room with an aura. Interact with the item, and you’ll unlock the Mythical Void Aura.

Blackhole Aura

From the centre of the lobby, head to the mountain. Like for the Void Aura, jump up the rocks, but go to the left this time. Eventually, you’ll spot a ladder on the left side of the mountain. Head up the ladder and walk through the small entranceway. Keep going until you enter a large space, where an aura is hiding on a small ledge. Interact with it to unlock the Blackhole Aura!

Chained Aura

Once again, head over to the mountain. Go to the left, ignore the ladder, and go around the side of the mountain. There’s an easy jumping puzzle here, with multiple platforms. It increases in difficulty as you get higher, with some platforms being much smaller, but it isn’t too bad!

Once you get to the top, there’s a patch of grass with bushes and a tree. Walk past this, and jump down to the ledge below, where you’ll find a cavern entrance. Drop down each small ledge until you get to the bottom and unlock the Mythical Chained Aura!

Poseidon Aura

From the Village spawn point, turn to face the houses. You’ll see a drop that leads to some water. There are 2 auras hidden here, but the Mythical aura is all the way at the bottom – this aura is the Poseidon Aura! By far one of the easiest Mythical auras to collect.

Universal Aura

Following the same instructions as the Poseidon aura above, head back down to the area below the water by the houses. From here, turn around and walk across the grass. Make sure to jump over the red lines though! There’s a jumping puzzle which can be difficult to see, so don’t rush ahead. Jump up the grass, head to the left, and turn the corner to spot the aura on the ledge. This is the Universal aura!

Hell Champion Aura

Teleport to the Desert and walk towards the lava waterfall next to the giant skull. Walk through the waterfall to enter a dark cave. Keep heading forward, until you spot a small room to the left where an aura is hidden. Drop down a step, interact with the item, and unlock the Hell Champion Aura!

Rage Aura

Teleport to the Volcano, turn in the opposite direction of the lava and walk to the right. Drop down from the edge (there’s a wall below that has a red metal structure on it). Head forward and to the right, walking around the corner.

Follow the ledge and then drop down to the next bit of rock, and so forth. Once you reach the bottom bit (where grass and trees are), you’ll see a set of rock stairs that you can jump up. The Rage aura is at the top of this staircase!

Psychic Aura

When standing at the Village spawn point, head towards the waterfall next to a house. Walk past the waterfall and around the right side of it. Drop down to the rock ledge until you find the gap between 2 of the small platforms. Fall down this gap to reach another ledge and head into the cavern. The aura is on the ground behind some rock. Once found, you’ll unlock the Psychic aura!

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