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Wondering what the hype is about the Anime Defenders Shiny Units? While rare, they’re pretty cool, mainly because they unlock new cosmetics for your avatar!

Start hunting for Shinies in Anime Defenders by visiting the official Roblox page! To discover more, check out our Anime Defenders Mythic Tier List and our Anime Defenders Secret Units guide.

Anime Defenders Shiny Guide

Like in Pokemon, Anime Defenders has its own Shinies. While it doesn’t exactly work the same regarding obtainment, the general idea remains. As you’d expect, a Shiny is an ultra-rare variant of a unit. There’s a little bit more to it though!

How to Obtain a Shiny

You obtain a Shiny the same way as any other unit; via the summoning banner! Shinies are just rarer as a whole. You’re relying on luck, in short, but you can purchase a specific gamepass to boost your chances. The name of this gamepass is the ‘Shiny Hunter’, but it costs 1,299 Robux. In my opinion, it isn’t worth it, as it isn’t a guarantee – plus, we don’t know the boost percentage that you actually get from buying it.

What is a Shiny Unit?

A Shiny, as mentioned above, is a variant of another unit. It doesn’t matter about the rarity of the normal version, as Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic units all have Shiny variations. All Shiny units are rare, even for the more common units (Rare and Epic). This means that Mythic and Legendary Shinies are the rarest of them all!

You can tell when a unit is a Shiny variant as their appearance changes significantly. This can be a brand-new outfit or a new colour scheme for their already existing outfit. Another bonus of collecting Shiny units is that you also get their outfit. Yes, you can equip your avatar with clothing inspired by various anime characters!

Aside from the cosmetics, Shiny units also get a 5% DMG increase. It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a difference!

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