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Can’t find any of the A Dusty Trip Dog Tags? They randomly spawn in buildings across the map. There’s a chance to find them in every building, but it isn’t always guaranteed. This makes the quest a bit of a time-consuming one, but if you play passively, you’ll soon come across all 25!

Visit the A Dusty Trip Roblox page to start the hunt for Dog Tags. We’ve also got a guide about the A Dusty Trip Backpack, which can help you understand how storage works in the game if you’re new!

A Dusty Trip Dog Tags Guide

The Humvee quest requires you to find 25 Dog Tags in total. These Dog Stags can sit in your inventory as you find them, but you need to give them to the General Shepherd NPC once you obtain all 25. To start the quest, speak with this NPC who stands by a Humvee under the ‘Military’ sign.

The map you select when diving into a game doesn’t matter, so you can opt for The Plains or the Desert. The prize for completing this quest is the Humvee vehicle! Once you hand every Dog Tag to the General, you’re rewarded with the new car model.

How to Find the Dog Tags

There’s no set location for the Dog Tags, so the only thing you can do is explore! Like with other types of loot in A Dusty Trip, Dog Tags are found in buildings. Double garages and garages in general are the best bet. They’re easy to spot as the Dog Tags are on a silver chain. Just make sure your bag has plenty of storage space, otherwise you won’t be able to store them.

You don’t have to wait until you have the whole 25 to give them to the General Shepherd. He’s happy to take any amount in batches. This is especially useful if you don’t have much room in your bag due to needed items.

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