What In Hell Is Bad Gabriel – Everything You Need To Know

Getting bored of all the demons? Interested in finding out about some of the more virtuous entities in What In Hell Is Bad? Well, at least they’re virtuous in theory. As our What In Hell Is Bad Gabriel guide shows, being heavenly doesn’t mean you don’t have a.. few issues.

What In Hell Is Bad? is a game that takes place in a world inspired by Judeo-Christian mythology and the Keys Of Solomon. As the descendant of Solomon, the demon to possess you will gain all the powers of God. Sounds worrying.

Mixed up in all this are the powerful demon princes, each representing one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and each apparently very comfortable with walking around with his shirt off.

You can check out What In The Hell Is Bad via Google Play. Take a look at our Eternal Evolution tier listDear, Ella tier list, and Memento Mori tier list.

What In Hell is Bad Gabriel Guide

Here we’ll give you all the infernal info on this angel.

Gabriel Profile

Here are all the vital statistics on the Archangel.

  • Role: Archangel
  • Affiliation: Heaven
  • Idiosyncrasy: Hierophilia

Gabriel Abilities

Gabriel is an Archangel, alongside Michael and Raphael. Archangels are more powerful than your average angel and appointed to more important jobs, so you know that they’re not ones you want to mess with.

Gabriel Personality

Gabriel is dedicated to God. Maybe a little TOO dedicated. He’s infamous among the angels for his own status as an angel-killer. Gabriel became jealous when God’s attention focused on another Archangel, so much so that he killed the other angel.

Wait, isn’t Leviathan supposed to be the sin of envy?

This apparently wasn’t enough to take him off the side though, as Gabriel is still affiliated with Heaven. So apparently, that is one way to get attention.

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