Type Soul Ultra Skill Guide

Feature image for our Type Soul Ultra Skill guide. It shows a Quincy character with their fists outstretched in front of them.

Want to get to grips with all the Ultra Skills you can get your hands on so far? We’ve got what you need. Our Type Soul Ultra Skill guide details the known Ultra Skills, and what they do when you unleash them upon an unfortunate opponent.

Type Soul is out on Roblox. Also check out our Type Soul Black Elixir guide. This should help you if you’re interested in learning more about Ultra Skills.

Type Soul Ultra Skill Guide

Below we’ll outline each of the Ultra Skills in the game so far, and what they do.


These fall under the Hakuda upgrade tree. Once again Kendo users are getting the short end of the stick.

Thousand Deaths/Raging Demon

Move – Splits into three before rushing up to target, beating them multiple times with fist strikes before ragdolling them.

  • Move deals heavy damage and leaves the opponent stunned shortly after use.
  • You cannot block Thousand Deaths, though you can parry it.
  • Don’t let the name confuse you. The game refers to the move with both titles at different points at the last time we checked.

Black Flash

Move -Strike forwards toward the opponent, creating a black and red explosion on the impact that hurls the target backward, away from the user.

  • The move does damage and prevents the target from healing for a short period afterward, perfect to let you follow it up with some more damaging moves.
  • It grabs from a fairly far distance, gives hyperarmor when you use it, and doesn’t have a large cooldown, so it’s comparatively easy to land.


This is one tied to the Speed tree.

Serum W

Move – Grab an opponent and charge forward. The screen will show you warping through different landscapes before dropping you both back where you came from, and slicing the target up with blue slashes.

  • Inflicts a debuff that hinders your target’s movement for a short time after landing a sucessful hit, making it easy to follow up with other attacks.
  • This Ultra Skill requires 50 Speed and Ultra Style to pull off.

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