Type Soul True Letzt Stil Guide – How To Obtain And All Perks

Our Type Soul True Letzt Stil Guide will cover what the True Letzt Stil is, and how you can get it for yourself.

You can play Type Soul on Roblox. If you’re already a player, check out our Dimensional Shard Type Soul Guide and our Type Soul Oetsu Puffer Guide.

Type Soul True Letzt Stil Guide

In Type Soul, True variants are ‘better’ versions of current variants in the game. So in this case, True Letzt Stil is a better and stronger version of Letzt Stil. However, to obtain the True variant, you will already need to have the lesser version of the variant (so for this, you will already need to have Letzt Stil).

To get the True Letzt, you will also need a True Hogyoku. You can get the True Hogyoku in a few ways… however, it’s not easy! It has a 0.05% drop rate, and the ways of obtaining it can be tricky. We have a Type Soul True Hogyoku Guide you can follow if you’re stuck!

How To Get True Letzt Stil

Once you have Letzt Stil and True Hogyoku, all you need to do is equip both of them to your character. Once equipped, simply right-click on your character. You will see your character collapse and fall to the floor, but not to worry! You will get right back up, and come back stronger, as you will have the True Letzt Stil.

True Letzt Stil Perks

Once you have the True Letzt Stil, you will get a few different perks on top of your Heilig Pgeil! Below are all the new perks you will get once activating it:

  • Rei Regen, Damage, Defense, and Speed Buffs (% of Buffs unknown)
  • Blut – Buffs your Blut Vene/Arterie and also gives you Heilig Pfeil Hyperarmor
  • Siphon – Any damage you do while in True Letzt restores some Reiatsu

How To Get Letzt Stil

Lastly, let’s quickly go over what Letzt Stil is. Letzt Stil is an extra level of power for the Quincy Race. Once you obtain it, you will be given temporary stat boosts once you activate it. However, once you do activate it, your move use will be restricted for a short amount of time afterwards.

To get the Letzt Stil, you need to gather 10 Hogyoku Fragments. After that, go over to Wandenreich, which is located in the Quincy hub area. Speak to the man in the hood, and he will give you Letzt Stil. If you want more information on Letzt Stil, we have a Type Soul Letzt Stil Guide.

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