Three PS2 classics have just landed on PlayStation Premium and they all have Platinum Trophies – WGB

The first wave of PlayStation’s newly emulated PS2 classics have arrived on PSN today, acting as heralds for what will hopefully be a massive catalogue of classic titles. That is, of course, assuming that these new games perform better than Sony’s last attempts to bring PS2 titles to their modern machines.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (called Sly Raccoon here in the UK), Tomb Raider: Legend and Star Wars: The Clone Wars are available right now in Europe, although America might have wait a little longer. All three boast some quality of life improvements like being able to rewind, save states and upscaled graphics.

And as an added bonus, all three also have full trophy support including Platinums.

However, there is one small hiccup: the pricing is all over the damn place. Here in the UK, Sly Raccoon will cost you £7.99, while Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes in at £3.99. Tomb Raider: Legend is the outlier, costing an obscene £15.99. You can currently pick it up for less than £1 on GoG for PC.

The high pricing likely comes down to the rights holder which is currently Amazon if the reports are accurate.

If you don’t fancy buying them a la carte, a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription will net you access to these three games plus all the other titles in the classic catalogue.

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