Huge Epic Games Store database leak reveals dozens of unannounced games from multiple publishers, including a new Turok – WGB

Another day, another massive leak. This time it’s thanks to an unofficial online database that has seemingly unearthed heaps of unannounced projects from the likes of Ubisoft, Sony and more.

The information comes from EpicDB, a new website that is very similar to SteamDB in that it scrapes the backend of the Epic Games Store for all sorts of data. However, in the process of rifling through all of the Epic Games Store data, the new website revealed a multitude of codenamed projects that are likely new, unreleased games.

ResetEra user MondoMega was the first one to notice just how easy it was to search for publishers and discover all of the games they’ve released, and the ones they haven’t. Mondo made sure to grab plenty of screenshots along the way.

The site has since gone offline though, presumably due to Epic who quickly responded by releasing an update that stops third-party tools from finding unrealised titles.

“We released an update tonight so third-party tools can’t surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalogue,” Epic Games told Eurogamer.

Of course, it is far too late because nothing on the Internet stays quiet for long. A helpful user on Reddit has been attempting to compile every unannounced project that appeared. Be warned though: a lot of duds and fakes have surfaced since the initial leak appeared, including mention of a Bloodborne remake.

The bad news for us is that the vast majority of the games are under codenames, likely because the gaming industry became a bit more paranoid after the massive Nvidia leak a few years ago.

Only a few titles are clearly named, such as a listing for a Turok game from Saber Interactive. THQ Nordic also lists a Remnant 3. The SNK Corporation mentions Metal Slug Attack Reloaded.

The rest all have codenames, some of which are actually public information, such as the new BioShock game being Parkside, while the rest are a mystery, although those savvy Internet sleuths are already hard at work figuring out what they could be. Making it more difficult is just how random codenames can be. Sometimes a company will give a project a name that slyly references something, but other times it’s complete nonsense, like the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot being called Banana Mania.

Still, we can speculate, right? A lot of people think that Sony’s project Utah could be the PC port of The Last of Part 2, the very same one which is reported to actually have been finished ages ago and is being held back, probably for season 2 of The Last of Us TV show.

Rockstar Games has something called Semla, and some people are saying that based on its file size being very close to that of Red Dead Redemption on PS4 it could be the long-awaited PC port.

The heavy use of codenames means this leak isn’t as devastating as the Nvidia one was where almost every game was clearly listed, but it’s still an embarrassing moment for Epic.

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