Dark and Darker Mobile Crawls Back in for New Closed Beta Test

The developers of PUBG Mobile, KRAFTON, are getting ready for a fresh Closed Beta Test, or CBT for Dark and Darker Mobile. If you didn’t try the Beta launched in April, you might want to give it a shot now. This test is for gamers in South Korea, Turkey, Japan, and the United States and will start in early August. We don’t have any word on the exact release date, yet.

So, What’s Dark And Darker Like?

It’s basically exploring monster-infested dungeons, each a maze of wealth and peril. Fighting against swarms of monsters and keeping a watch on the Darkswarm, a mystery entity, will be your main tasks. This enigmatic danger drives everyone—monsters and players alike—to a concentrated area.

The twist is that you must locate an escape gateway before the Darkswarm consumes everything to get your riches and live.

Choose from five character classes, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to go into combat axe first, the Barbarian, the classic dungeon tank, would be an excellent option. The cunning Rogue takes down enemies from a distance. The ranger’s long-range deadliness, the Cleric’s healing ability, and the Fighter’s comprehensive defense all bring something to the table and switch up your playstyle.

You can influence how the game develops by playing and offering comments. This CBT is your opportunity to try the game’s mobile version and give some feedback on how it plays. While this is a whole new version from the PC title, created with mobile in mind, we hope the heart of the gameplay itself will be in the same dark place it always was.

For further updates on the Dark and Darker Mobile CBT, check out their official Twitter page. Before you go, check out the scoop on the Path To Nowhere Stages Collab With Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

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