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Working towards obtaining the Attack on Titan Revolution Nightfall blades? It’s an arduously long process, that’s bound to take a while no matter how good you are at the game!

To get started, head over to the Attack on Titan Revolution Roblox page. We’ve covered a bunch of in-game terms already, so while you’re here, read our Attack on Titan Revolution Raids guide.

Attack on Titan Revolution Nightfall Guide

The only way to obtain the Nightfall blades in Attack on Titan Revolution is by grinding Titan kills! And I don’t just mean a few here and there. You need to get a kill streak into the hundreds and thousands, which can take a long time to achieve and perfect. For more on this topic, take a look at our Attack on Titan Revolution Achievements guide!

How to Obtain Nightfall

Firstly, a kill streak means you cannot be defeated by a single Titan during it. If you are killed during a streak, it resets back to 0. The first achievement in the Scout Bravery section requires you to get a Titan streak of 50, which is the easiest one. You can whittle each achievement down one by one, but if you manage to get 1K or 2K in one go, that’s 4 achievements completed at once!

The 5th achievement requires you to get a kill streak of 7.5K, which is a lot, to say the least. You’ll notice the 6th achievement on the Scout Bravery page, which is ‘Fearless’. This is a secret achievement, and luckily, you don’t need to complete it to unlock the Nightfall blades.

Now, to get a successful Titan kill streak, you need to build your character properly. If you can Titan Shift, even better. With the power of a Titan yourself, you can easily blast your way through multiple Titans during a round.

Thankfully, you can set the difficulty to the easiest mode, which increases the overall speed of the process. Head into a mission solo as well, otherwise, other players will end up stealing your Titan kills. Make sure you’re equipping your character with perks that increase your damage inside and outside of your Titan form. The more perk slots you have, the better.

Additionally, if you manage to unlock any of the artifacts rewarded to you by completing the other achievement pages, you can equip those too.

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