Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Point-and-Click Adventure Game ‘LUNA The Shadow Dust’ Coming to Mobile on June 20th – TouchArcade

Next week adventure game enthusiasts and fans of hand-drawn animation are in for a treat when LUNA The Shadow Dust arrives on iOS and Android devices. Originally launched on PC and consoles back in 2020, LUNA The Shadow Dust is the first game from developer Lantern Studio and follows the journey of a young boy and his strange creature companion that must solve a series of puzzles, many of which are based around exposing a mysterious alternate world of shadows when casting light. You can also switch between the two characters in order to figure out the way forward, and LUNA The Shadow Dust is modeled after traditional point & click adventure games. There is no dialogue as the entire story is told via cinematic cutscenes, and you can get a sense of just how fantastic the animation and soundtrack are in the following trailer.

LUNA The Shadow Dust is published by Application Systems Heidelberg Software, who most recently brought a mobile version of The Longing to the App Store back in December. LUNA has garnered positive reaction from its PC and console releases, and of course point & click adventures are a really great fit for touchscreen devices, so I imagine it will feel right at home on iOS and Android. The game is currently available for pre-order on the iOS App Store here, and for Android devices it’s available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store here. It’ll set you back a very reasonable $4.99 and its release date is all set for June 20th, so keep an eye out for this one next week.

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