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Looking for the Floors Have Teeth Code to open the locker? With the code changing each time, there’s no set numerical answer. However, I can help you with the method of solving the code!

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Floors Have Teeth Code

If you’re not sure how to open the locker with the combination padlock, this guide’s for you! Your first clue is the piece of paper on the table, which features various shapes and their corresponding numbers.

These numbers are key to the puzzle, but which shapes do you pay attention to? Keep in mind that the code for each playthrough is entirely different.

How to Find the Code

Well, if we rewind a little (unless you haven’t been there yet), there’s an abandoned trailer with graffiti all over the exterior. Mannequins are standing outside of this trailer while pointing.

When inside this trailer, you can see 3 shapes painted on the wall next to the clock. Take note of these shapes and the order that they’re in! For this example, let’s say it’s a circle, heart, and star.

Head back to the room with the locker and take a look at the piece of paper on the table with the shapes. Interact with it to display text at the bottom of the screen that explains which numbers go with which shapes.

As an example, the circle is 5, the star is 3, the heart is 8, the cube is 7, the triangle is 1, and the crown is 2. Thinking back to the shapes we saw painted on the wall in the trailer, there was a circle, heart, and star (in that order).

Look at the numbers for each shape, and match the order. Using these corresponding numbers, we can work out that the code is 583. Next, enter the code in this exact order into the combination lock to unlock the locker! Inside, you can find a key.

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