Face Cosmic Horrors in Once Human, An Open-World Survival Game Coming Soon

Once Human, the multiplayer open-world survival game now has a release date. This desolate wasteland crawling with creepy crawlies will soon be open for exploration, exploitation, and maybe a tiny bit of existential dread.

Those who participated in the closed beta (lucky ducks!) will be familiar with the post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by Stardust. They’re alien substances that turn flora and fauna into freaky foes. You, with a higher tolerance for this glowing goop, are humanity’s best chance for survival.

The Once Human Story

You wake up in a world that looks like it went through a blender with a nightmare dimension. Maybe you’ll see glowing blue fruit that might make you lose your mind. Or water that could give you a stomach ache. And obviously, terrifying creatures called Deviants lurking in the shadows, hungry for a human snack.

Once Human is all about banding together to survive and thrive (or at least try to) in this crazy world. You have to team up to fight freaky monsters, scavenge for resources, and build a survivor base that screams, “We may be living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but we still have good taste!”

Gameplay: Fight, Build, Conquer, Repeat

Once Human throws a lot at you, and I mean a LOT. You gotta avoid cosmic cooties, fight B-movie-style Deviants, and avoid starvation. It’s like extreme camping but with way more lasers and mutant squirrels. The world is your oyster, a mutated irradiated oyster, but an oyster nonetheless!

You can explore this vast wasteland, build a killer base to house your loot and maybe a pet (but do remember the whole mutant squirrel thing), and team up with other survivors to take down particularly nasty Deviants. There’s also a guild system that lets you duke rival groups over resources because sharing is not always caring in the apocalypse. If you want to give Once Human a shot, it’ll launch on the 9th of July, 2024, on Google Play!

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