Word Bop Is the New Name for Hit Word Puzzler The Linguist: Word Craft

When you’re playing a word game like The Linguist: Word Craft, it’s important to keep striving for the best possible word rather than going with the first one you see.

Developer player1games has chosen to apply the principle to The Linguist’s name, discarding its first attempt and submitting a fresher, punchier, and higher scoring alternative. 

The game formerly known as The Linguist: Word Craft is now called Word Bop—so don’t be shocked to find a new icon on your homescreen. 

And don’t panic: the fast-paced, challenging gameplay that you’ve spent the last few years mastering is still there. And so are your purchases, progress, and settings. Just under a easier to find banner.

For the uninitiated, Word Bop is a word puzzler that broadly follows the Boggle template. 

At the beginning of each round you’re presented with a random grid of letters, and you need to make as many words as possible with these letters by dragging your finger through them vertically, diagonally, and horizontally. You can also control the game via a keyboard too, if you wish.

Except Word Bop is no mere Boggle clone, introducing a couple of clever twists on the format.

For one thing, it layers up the grid of letters. Whenever you clear a letter (by including it in a word) you expose a bonus layer, and then the one underneath that, until you reach the bedrock. This massively ups the challenge, and the number of opportunities on the board.

There’s a constantly changing theme of hidden bonus words as well, with constantly changing visuals to keep things interesting. It’s funky, in a word.

Another thing Word Bop brings to the table is a host of power-ups, letting you undo moves, clear entire rows or columns, remove individual tiles, shuffle the board, and more. 

Finally, like any number of popular word games we could name, Word Bop features Daily Challenges, rewarding you for logging in every day and completing a range of missions. 

Unlike those popular daily word games, it also lets you keep playing and competing for as long as you like.

Word Bop is free to download on Android and iOS

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