We Finally Got Inside EPCOT’s NEW CommuniCore Hall — Here’s a FULL TOUR!

Friends…it’s FINALLY TIME!


We’ve been waiting YEARS for EPCOT’s Transformation to be complete, and now, another huge step forward has been taken — Communicore Hall and Communicore Plaza open on June 10th — and we got to go inside to bring you this preview!

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Communicore Hall and Plaza are a new festival center that will bring EPCOT’s iconic festivals throughout the year to the center of the park. Communicore Plaza is an outdoor space where guests can enjoy the festival offerings, while Communicore Hall is flexible enough to host a myriad of different things — food stalls, exhibition, mixology class, and so much more!

CommuniCore Hall

But what does that all really LOOK like? We’re finding out right now!

We got the opportunity to step inside the CommuniCore Hall for the first time and boy, was it impressive! There’s so much space inside this massive building and there seems to be room to fill it with even more later. While it didn’t look much like the original concept artwork Disney had previously released for the inside, we think because we were attending a special event at the time, we could see this change in the near future.

Stepping inside for the first time!

So aside from a massive open area to gather, what else is there to do? Let’s look around! We noticed right away there is a fun EPCOT photo op inside where you can step up to take a few commemorative photos in front! Disney World is full of these fun designs and wall murals!

EPCOT photo op

As we looked around we noticed signs signifying each of EPCOT’s four worlds — World Nature, World Discovery, World Celebration, and World Showcase.

Inside CommuniCore Hall

You’ll find them hung around the tops of the walls inside the massive open space.

More of the hall

There’s even room for a live band inside! Now we’ve got to show you what else you can expect to find inside the main hall.

A live band inside

Mickey and Friends is where you’ll find an opportunity to meet with Mickey and his pals just like you used to do in EPCOT at the former Character Spot.

Mickey & Friends

When we stepped in line we waited outside and were able to take advantage of looking at all the colorful designs on the mural on the outside of the wall. We were able to pick out Minnie…

Minnie in the mural



…a few nods to attractions that used to be found around EPCOT (bonus points to you if you know or rode the ride referenced here)…

Horizons nod

…and even a few current nods to attractions still found around EPCOT today!

Mission Space and the Monorail

As we stepped inside, we were led down a cool hallway with some funky lighting which really grabbed our attention…

Fun lighting

…before being brought into the room where we could meet with our friends! Here, we got to meet with Mickey…

Mickey’s NEW Greeting Spot in EPCOT!



…and Goofy all in their classic outfits!


With this new space opening, you’ll no longer have to go around to several spots within EPCOT to meet these characters and they’ll be available throughout the day! We’re told that Mickey will be the staple character here to meet and greet, and the other two spots will be rotating characters. So it may be worth visiting multiple times!

After we had a chance to get our hugs and all the pictures in, we stepped outside into the CommuniCore Plaza and its huge outdoor space! Seriously y’all… we didn’t imagine it would be THIS expansive from the ground. This space is made of several concrete walkways around the entire plaza with a few green patches that are a bit softer for those who might want a squishier ground or a place to sit and relax for a bit.

CommuniCore Plaza

We think this will make for a very lively spot nightly to take in all of the entertainment because a live Latin band will be present to keep your evening rocking!

A Latin band was playing

That’s right! This space will be used all the time and not just during the day for the show! Ah, which brings us to our next point — EPCOT’s new stage show you’ll find here! ¡Celebración Encanto! is about a 20-minute sing-along show where you’ll get to belt out some of the songs from Disney’s animated film, Encanto.

Super interactive show

We found this show to be incredibly lively, and full of fun and laughter, and the hosts even brought several of the kids up on stage to help out with a few of the storytelling elements in the songs!

Interactive for kids

If you’re not familiar with the words, don’t worry! They’ll have them up on a big screen for you to see along with lyrics in Spanish, too! Between performances, your hosts will ask you trivia questions and introduce you to simple words in Espanol so you can learn a little while also being entertained!

Trivia on screen

From what we could see, the kids attending had a BLAST and that was taken to a whole new level when we were surprised by Mirabel AND Bruno coming out to say hello! After a quick song which somehow ended in a conga line (don’t ask — it all happened so fast and we were swept up in the moment) it was time to say “Adios” to the celebration for now.

Bruno and Mirabel

If you’re wondering if there’s a nearby bathroom, you won’t have to go far!


The bathrooms are accessible from the outside of the building and we appreciated their sleek design! We found them to be very retro inside with orange and the most prominently featured color!

Loving the orange

Along with the entrance to the bathrooms, you’ll find a refillable water bottle station and water fountain!

Water fountain and refill station

The last spot we have to show you is Festival Favorites. It looks almost like a quick service window and we’re told to expect it to be open during EPCOT’s festivals.

Lit up as it gets dark

There’s A LOT to take in and see at EPCOT’s newest addition! Next time you’re in EPCOT, you’ll need to make a special trip to check this incredible new location out, and be sure to stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney World news!

Learn ALL about the EPCOT Transformation here!

What do you think of Communicore Hall and Plaza? Tell us in the comments!

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