Metal Soldier 2 Gets Early Access On Android

Another Contra title has hit mobiles. This one’s called Super Contras: Metal Soldier 2, and it has hit early access on Android. It’s bringing back the nostalgic, side-scrolling shooter action we all love from the classic Contra series. Published by Zoro Game Studio, it’s free to play.

If you’ve been following the Contra series, you know the main plot already. Rambo and Bill are back in action to tackle some futuristic challenges in a pixelated universe. After Gun Force: Action Shooting, Contra: Tournament and the most popular to date Contra: Returns, Super Contras: Metal Soldier 2 is the latest title in the video game series to hit mobile.

What’s Going On In Super Contras: Metal Soldier 2?

It’s 2077, and the agents are knee-deep in the lair of the Red Falcon organization. Suddenly, they come face to face with strange alien monsters, who are posing a massive threat to humanity. So, the organisation sends in the big guns, our favourite warriors.

Super Contras: Metal Soldier 2 is spread across 8 different levels teeming with aliens and monsters. It uses the series’ classic 8-bit pixel graphics and offers 2-player mode for you and a friend to team up. You get advanced weapons like Flamethrowers, Cluster Bullets and Rapid-Fire Bullets.

There are also a bunch of areas to explore. You’ll be fighting your way through mazes, dodging through underground security systems and navigating jungles with giant waterfalls and alien cannons. If you’re eager to play this one, check it out on the Google Play Store.

Don’t Know About This Legendary Series?

Contra is a video game series by Konami, that started in 1987 with a Japanese arcade game. It went on to become a cult classic. Most Contra games have a run-and-gun action, featuring armed commandos battling extraterrestrial monsters and other futuristic adversaries.

Set in the 27th century, the plotline revolves around commandos Bill Rizer (aka Mad Dog) and Lance Bean (aka Scorpion). They are the members of the elite Contra task force, as they fend off alien invaders bent on Earth’s destruction.

So, that’s what Contra is about and I’m looking forward to playing Metal Soldier 2. Are you? Oh, and be sure to check out our other news. Master Your Social Skills In Talk To Me Human, A Simulacra-Style Speech Game.

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