Mazaica Is What You Get When Minesweeper And Sudoku Swipe Right!

Michal Pawlowski’s indie game studio, Hamster On Coke Games, has dropped a new puzzle on Android. Called MAZAICA, it’s a colourful lines and numbers expanding puzzle game. If you’ve played any of his other titles (OXXO, Scalak and Zenge, which are all relaxing puzzles), you know what to expect from this one.

A Puzzle Upside Down

The game looks beautiful. You start with a grid (and end it there, too), armed with nothing but a virtual pen. You draw lines to merge blocks together. It’s like Tetris mixed with Sudoku and Minesweeper. Yes, three classic games merged into one outcome which is Mazaica.

You also get a number in the beginning, or rather you choose it. Taking the number you’ve chosen, you add that many blocks to make a line. You do this for every number on the same level to figure out which numbers to use and how to connect them to get all the numbers.

There are multiple modes to keep you hooked in Mazaica. And the visuals of the game are what makes it stunning. As you connect the dots and merge tiles, the game treats you to a variety of colours, turning the grid into a work of geometric art. Why don’t you take a look at the vibrancy of Mazaica yourself?

Mazaica, The Lines & Numbers Game

It’s free to play. You can try this one out if you love calming puzzles. Check it out in the Google Play Store. There is a bevy of modes for you to try out in Mazaica, such as number merge, number match and free flow. So, I think you won’t get bored easily.

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