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Summer Game Fest kicked off this year with the announcement of the previously rumoured Lego game based on Guerilla’s Horizon games. Titled Lego Horizon Adventures, it’ll hit PS5 later this year. The big surprise? It’s coming to PC and Switch as well.

Described as a “playful and light-hearted story inspired by the events of the world of Horizon”, the new game is being co-developed by Studio Gobo and Guerilla.

“In a distant future, the land is made of LEGO bricks and incredible dinosaur-like machines roam the Earth.” reads the PlayStation blog post. “Aloy, the game’s leading hero, is found in a cave as a baby and raised by a grizzled huntsman called Rost, who teaches her the way of the wilds. One day, Aloy embarks on a quest to discover her true destiny. Guided by a thousand-year-old hologram of a scientist called Elisabet, Aloy must confront Helis, the leader of a group of sun worshipers who bow to an Ancient Evil shrouded in mystery. There’s much more in store for Aloy and her friends, as their adventure sends them across the tallest mountains and deepest cauldrons — all beautifully recreated in LEGO elements.”

The trailer looks gorgeous and has that bouncy, zany humour that’s typically associated with the Lego games. 

Coming out in Holiday 2024, the game will feature two-player split-screen and online co-op.

Since Studio Gobo is not owned by Sony, Lego Horizon Adventures is not technically a first-party title, but it’s still quite crazy to see it coming to the Nintendo Switch, marking what might actually be the first time any PlayStation franchise has jumped over to Nintendo. I can’t think of any other examples off the top of my head, but if you guys know of any let me know.

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