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Blumhouse, the production company behind a frankly absurd amount of horror movies ranging from utterly terrible to quite good, has announced that it’s entering the gaming scene by publishing six indie horror titles.

The announcement was made by Blumhouse founder Jason Blum who ambled onto stage at Summer Game Fest to present the six titles that Blumhouse Games will be publishing.

Jason Blum said onstage that “We wanted to try to take our approach to movies and apply it to games, and that’s what you see here.”

“We’re going to do independent games, we’re going to look for creators and give them a platform, and encourage these creators to be weird and subversive, and find the most F’ed up, scariest things they can, and put them into really cool games.”

Blumhouse has a somewhat divisive reputation. On the one hand, they are known for favouring quantity over quality by pumping out a lot of very low budget horror flicks. On the other hand, horror fans, myself included, are always eager to chown down on popcorn and watch some horror, even if it isn’t all that great.

Fear the Spotlight (Cozy Game Pals)

“A creepy love letter to classic 90s teen horror stories, Fear the Spotlight is designed for a modern audience. Sneak into a school after hours with Vivian and Amy, survive a seance gone wrong, solve tactile puzzles and uncover the disturbing mystery behind a school tragedy decades before. And whatever you do, stay out of the spotlight. Fear the Spotlight will be launching later this year, and fans can wishlist the game here.”

Crisol: Theater of Idols (Vermila)

“Dive into a unique first-person horror adventure where folklore and religion intertwine in a nightmarish version of Spain. Players will navigate a world steeped in eerie legends and sacred rituals, facing terrifying statues of saints that come to life. In a desperate fight for survival, the player must sacrifice their own blood to use as ammunition against the horrors that lurk around every corner.”

Grave Seasons (Perfect Garbage)

“A charming pixelated farming and town simulation game where, amidst all the relationship building and crop harvesting, players must figure out which of the townsfolk is a supernatural serial killer. Uncover the hidden secrets of Ashenridge, find a way to stay one step ahead of the murderer… and maybe save the next victim.”

Sleep Awake (Eyes Out)

“From Cory Davis (Spec Ops: The Line) and Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails) comes a first-person psychedelic horror set in the far future. In the last known city on Earth, people are disappearing in their sleep. Those who remain exist in a crisis of reckless experiments to keep awake. Katja must navigate depraved death cults, otherworldly forces, and the ever-present horror of The HUSH, to save herself and those who rely upon her.”

The Simulation (Playmestudio)

“A never-before-seen horror game is the only evidence found at a crime scene. As a retired game designer hired to investigate the case, you find a hidden mode that plunges you into a rabbit hole of the unknown. As more obscure games are uncovered, cross the fourth wall of their worlds and delve deep into terrifying truths that transcend their own reality…”

Project C (Half Mermaid)

“An ambitious game from the minds of Sam Barlow (Her Story, IMMORTALITY) and Brandon Cronenberg (Possessor, Infinity Pool). Prepare to have your mind broken by Half Mermaid’s most twisted vision yet.”

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