Fruit Seas Island Levels Guide

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Are you setting out on your adventure only to get absolutely rolled on every shore you stop on? You might just not be ready for the place, yet. It’s all a matter of levels. Our Fruit Seas island levels guide gives you where you should go for each level bracket. Make sure you’re never outclassed again.

Fruit Seas is out now on Roblox. We’ve got a Fruit Seas scroll locations guide, for grabbing that Armament Haki.

Fruit Seas Island Levels Guide

First we’ll explain the concept, then list the level categories.

What Are Island Levels?

Island Levels are the levels recommended for your character to be at when reaching an island. You can still visit the island at a lower level, there are no barriers to stop you, but it might not be particularly helpful for you if you’re not there for a good reason.

Quests are only available to characters above the recommended level. Enemies might be able to completely stomp you, too. You can still pick up chests, at least.

Island Level List

Here we’ve listed each Level group and the islands appropriate for the level. You can be a higher level and still do things on the island, but the levels outlined will give you the most possible benefit in terms of XP and loot level.

No Recommended Levels

In this section you’ll find specialized islands that exist for a specific purpose. They don’t have a level attached. Visit whenever you need to.

  • Abandoned Territory (Watch out for the boss, though.)
  • Logue Town
  • Colosseum (If you’re low level PVP might not suit you. It’s often populated by players with high level characters sporting advanced builds. Be careful about jumping into anything there.)

Level 1-35

  • Windmill Village – Pirate Spawn Island
  • Shell Town – Marine Spawn Island

Level 35-60

Level 60-100

Level 100-150

Level 150-240

Level 240-315

Level 315-440

Level 440-515

Level 515-850

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