Anger Foot is back with a release date and a trailer that literally kicks ass

Nearly two years on from its initial announcement, we finally have a release date for Anger Foot, the latest title from the wacky squad at Free Lives. The shooter reemerged during Devolver Digital’s annual showcase.

The game arrives July 11, though only on PC.

As with other Free Lives games, Anger Foot has a fairly straightforward concept that’s executed well enough to keep you playing. In this case, you’re kicking down doors and kicking the asses of criminals.

From slums to skyscrapers, you go on missions to clean the city as you kick your way through enemy-filled environments. Over time, you’ll be able to upgrade your kick and unlock new sneakers – which both makes sense, as you’ll be seeing a lot of your foot, but also because of the the gameplay implications.

Different footwear comes with unique bonuses, and the game is designed to replayed so you can see what each of them does. If you’d rather mix it up a little, you can pick up weapons dropped by enemies, but really, you should stay true to the spirit of the game and kick as much as you possibly can.

Catch the new trailer below, which shows a few of the different sneakers and their effects in combat.

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