Metaverse Keeper Is Like Soul Knight But With Multi-Dimensions!

featured image for our news on Metaverse Keeper. It features a bunch of heroes that look like chibis. They're holding out weapons and fighting monsters.

Metaverse Keeper is a new massive multiplayer adventure game by Electronic Soul. They’re the publishers of the funny game BarbarQ. A bit like Soul Knight but with more ferocious monsters. It’s priced at $2.99 and offers a bunch of language support.

What Do You Do In The Metaverse Keeper?

It’s where you team up with other players to smack down monsters. You dive into dungeons are crazy chaotic. The unpredictable powers of the Demon Lord make it a fresh adventure every time you step into one. There are way too many things to tackle – tougher foes, scarce resources and whatnot.

Metaverse Keeper lets gives you a roster of heroes whom you’ll meet along the way. You collect special chips that can beef up your heroes. As you cruise through dungeons, you’ll spot these chips lying around. Grab them and mix them up, and you might discover some unexpected powers.

You also get many vending machines in the dungeons full of mystery chips. And then there is a huge arsenal of weapons. You can customise these weapons with some random effects, by the way.

The story in Metaverse Keeper revolves around Noahs. These are ancient fortune-tellers who can look into the future. One day, they see their own civilisation perishing in a new dimension. So, one gutsy Noah decides to play the hero and mess with time to save their civilisation.

But, instead, they stir up a cosmic blender, mixing timelines and civilisations into one chaotic mess. And that’s where they need your help to sort things out. If you think the story is interesting enough (and the gameplay features, too), then check Metaverse Keeper out on the Google Play Store.

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