Master Your Social Skills In Talk To Me Human, A Simulacra-Style Speech Game

Least Significant Bit’s debut title throws you into the deep end of social antics, where you must sweet-talk, flatter and maybe even fib your way through cringe-worthy encounters. But what’s the medium through which you do so? Your voice. Talk to Me Human is the name of the game, and it’s a talking simulator as you might have already guessed.

Talk To Me Like A Human, Not Like A Robot!

The game lets you ditch the dull dialogues and dive into the fun of saying whatever you want. Following speech-driven gaming, Talk to Me Human is all about chatting with AI characters in real-time. It lets you boost your social standing by fixing messes and patching up friendships.

The game has over 25 levels where you’ll build bonds with 10 lifelike characters. Each character has their own unique, lifelike voice. Each level of Talk to Me Human puts you in weird and sticky social situations. Examples include convincing your boss to let you leave work early or trading jabs with a snooty bartender.

So, how do you tackle all these situations? By talking, of course! Not to forget, in a human way. The game’s AI judges your charm and dishes out responses. Whether you’re quick with comebacks or spinning wild tales, it’s surely a new type of Talking Tom!

And while navigating corporate blunders and repairing soured friendships, you get to collect ‘social currency.’ It’s the game’s point system. You get different acts which you have to clear in order to move on to the next act. Currently, two acts are out which are spanned across 75 scenes.

Act I is Work, where your mission is to save your cat Hobbes and sweet talk your way to get it done. Act II is Oliver’s Bar while Act III is, well, The Date. More Acts are in the works. Speaking of the acts, why don’t you catch a glimpse of the game here?

Will You Try It Out?

Talk to Me Human is now out in early access. You can play it online (on your browser) on any device, and it’s up for grabs at $4.99. For more details on the game, you can check out the official website. The website itself looks pretty dope and lets you have a sneak peek of how the game will be.

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