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Waiting for the Anime Defenders Bear King unit to appear on the banner? You’ll be waiting for a while, as you can’t actually obtain him on either of the banners. Don’t worry, I explain all below!

Visit the official Anime Defenders Roblox page to join a raid! For more information regarding raids, read our Anime Defenders Raids guide.

Anime Defenders Bear King

This fuzzy fella is a unique one! Not for any particular reason, except for the fact that he’s not available on both the Limited and Standard banners.

How to Obtain the Bear King

The question most Anime Defenders player has is “How do you get the Bear King?”. It’s simple! All you need to do is take part in raids, and plenty of them. The Bear King isn’t a raid drop, however, so don’t expect to see him in your loot.

Instead, you need to save up 2K Raid Shards and head to the Raid Shop. This is where you can purchase the Bear King unit! The price can sometimes differ if there are any discounts on the Raid Shop items. Most of the time though, his total cost remains the same. To get Raid Shards, you must participate in raids.

Evolving the Bear King

The thing with the Bear King is that you do need to evolve him before you even think about using him in battle. Once you evolve him, the unit changes to ‘Bear King (Unlocked)’… and that’s not all. This evolved variant of the unit is one of the strongest in the game, to the point where he’s part of the meta (at least for now!).

To evolve the Bear King, the method is similar to all other Mythic units. You need a special item! Although, you cannot craft this item like the others. The required item is the ‘Otherworldly Gauntlet’, which you can purchase for 1K Raid Shards in the Raid Shop. In short, if there are no discounts available, you need a total of 3K Raid Shards for the entire process.

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