How To Do Raids In Attack On Titan Revolution Guide

This How To Do Raids In Attack On Titan Revolution guide does exactly what it says on the tin! If you want to know how to participate in Raids and what this game is then stick around.

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How To Do Raids In Attack On Titan Revolution Guide

So, we know Raids will be added to Attack On Titan Revolution, but for the time being not much is known about how they’ll perform. Players who joined the BETA of the game speculate that Raids will remain similar to the teaser we got back then.

Before I get to tell you how Raids worked in the BETA, you should note that this is speculative and due to change on release. When Raids releases, I’ll update this guide, so don’t worry.

Attack On Titan Revolution Raids

Raids aren’t location-specific, instead, players who wish to join a Raid need to wait for one to spawn and then join it before it begins. In total, 10 players may participate in a Raid, so be quick! A Raid typically spawns every 45 minutes on a public server. If you play on a private server, you cut the wait time significantly to 20 minutes per Raid spawn!

Once open, a Raid lasts for 15 minutes before closing and being a defeat. During the BETA, the only Raid option was the Attack Titan, however, it assumed more iconic Titans would make appearances as Raid bosses in the future.

When Can You Expect The Raids?

Soon! (We hope). According to discussions within the Attack On Titan Revolution Discord server and whispers elsewhere, it may drop during the next large update. Disappointingly, we aren’t sure of the exact update date, but sometime this weekend is expected.

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