Fruit Seas Sea Dragon Guide

Feature image for our Fruit Seas sea dragon guide. It shows a ship in the Forbidden Sea, as it rains.

Want to take on a legendary creature and live to tell the tale? Then our Fruit Seas Sea Dragon guide is probably what you need. We’re here to show you the important info about this massive raid boss and help you through an encounter.

You can play Fruits Seas right now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Fruit Seas map guide for help finding your way around.

Fruit Seas Sea Dragon Guide

First, we discuss how to spawn the raid boss, then how to fight it, and then the rewards waiting for you.

How To Find The Sea Dragon

The Fruit Seas Sea Dragon spawns in the Forbidden Seas. These are the waters off the edge of the map. Keep sailing far enough away in any direction and you should find them. Things get darker and rougher out there.

The likelihood of the Sea Dragon spawning depends on how big your Bounty is, and whether you’re solo or in a group. Here’s a rough calculation below.


  • 1 Million Bounty – 13% chance to spawn every 60 seconds.
  • 2 Million Bountry – 26% chance to spawn every 60 seconds.
  • 4 Million Bountry – 66% chance to spawn every 60 seconds.

In A Party

  • Combined 1 Million Bounty – 8% chance to spawn every 60 seconds.
  • Combined 2 Million Bounty – 14% chance to spawn every 60 seconds.
  • Combined 5 Million Bounty – 31% chance to spawn every 60 seconds.

Fighting The Sea Dragon

Next, you have to fight it. The health isn’t set. The more players fighting, the bigger the Sea Dragon’s HP pool. If you’re taking it on solo, its HP will be around 110,000.

The Sea Dragon uses its teeth and lightning strikes to attack, and gains a pretty nasty AOE when it gets under half health. Try to avoid its strikes and not get too greedy when it’s health is low.

Sea Dragon Rewards

The Sea Dragon has a chance of dropping the following rewards on death, assuming you did enough damage to qualify for a share of the reward.

  • Abyssal Gauntlets
  • Demon Fruit (Uncommon)
  • Dragon’s Heartstone
  • Giant Bone
  • Micro Chip
  • Orb Items
  • Poseidon’s Regalia
  • Tidebreaker

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