Door disrespecting FPS Anger Foot is out July 11th

Door-and-peace-minus-the-peace FPS Anger Foot, the best game ever made, has finally got a release date: July 11th 2024. This is spectacular news, mainly because I’d already printed off a load of shirts that said ‘Anger Foot GOTY 2024.’ I was going to do some socks, too, but I do not trust this game anywhere near footwear.

If you’re not yet a dedicated Foothead, here’s the premise. You are a very destructive individual who cares but for two things: spiffy trainers, and leaving those trainer’s imprints in people’s faces. All who cross you in its short, speedy levels are doomed. They’ll wake up the next day, shake the bullets from their ribcage, go to brush their teeth, and realise it was not a terrible nightmare – for the indelible mark of your angry foot is now part of their crumbly visage forevermore. Here’s the press release saying some words:

Shit City is a disease and your foot is the cure. Lace-up a capricious collection of formidable footwear to fight through a diverse series of deranged city districts. Are you the god of style, speed, or power? Discover secrets and unlocks that encourage replayability – and learn to tackle levels in new creative, ridiculous, and devastating ways.

And here’s a trailer. Warning: it’s got feet in it.

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Anger Foot comes from Free Lives, them who brought you Broforce, Gorn and Terra Nil. If you haven’t yet dipped your mildly miffed toes into the full Anger Foot experience, a demo is available at time of writing. The time for writing, of course, has now passed. All time going forward is foot time.

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