Clash of Clans General Manager Spills the Beans In AMA On Reddit

Clash of Clans General Manager Stuart McGaw recently held an AMA session on Reddit, spilling the tea on everything from the upcoming June update to the mysterious Town Hall 17. Here’s a rundown of the key takeaways for you to strategize your next attack.

June Update

The June update is going to bring a new “Hard Mode” for friendly challenges and wars. This lets you spice things up with customized difficulty settings – perfect for testing out new strategies with your clanmates. It’s also going to this year’s world finals, so you can watch the pros clash in a whole new way.

In Clash of Clans General Manager AMA, it was revealed that the update will include a significant reduction in upgrade costs and times. Wall costs have also been acknowledged as a bit excessive, so expect some adjustments in the future. Getting to that next Town Hall level might not feel like a never-ending siege anymore.

As the Village grows with each Town Hall level, adding new buildings becomes a bit of a squeeze. To address this, Supercell is planning to merge more buildings in the future. This means some of your old defensive standbys, like Archer Towers and Cannons, might be saying goodbye to make room for the new. But fear not, this will also free up space for exciting new defenses in future Town Halls.

Town Hall 17 and Beyond

While details are still under wraps, Town Hall 17 is on the horizon. The team is considering merging the Eagle Artillery into the Town Hall, marking a departure from Inferno Beams. A new “signature” defensive feature is also in the works, so Town Hall 17 promises to shake things up on the battlefield.

The development team is aware that upgrade timers can feel like a drag for active players. They’re working on introducing new systems that will add more to the game and keep you busy. This might take some time, but it means shorter timers and more to do in the long run.

Supercell also recognizes the importance of a healthy game life. They don’t want Clash to feel like a chore, so timers and wait times will exist to some extent. However, the aim is to give players more control over their experience and avoid burnout.

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