Anime Defenders Elf Wizardess Guide

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Want to relive your Freiren memories or have your favorite character from the iconic series? Or perhaps you just want a good AOE caster to evolve. Either way, check out our Anime Defenders Elf Wizardess guide. We’ve got a bunch of useful info on totally-not-Freiren and how to get her in your squad as soon as possible.

Anime Defenders is available now on Roblox. We’ve also got an Anime Defenders Flame Dragon King guide.

Anime Defenders Elf Wizardess

Let’s get into how to get hold of Elf Wizardess, then what she has to offer and her evolution item count.

Rolling Elf Wizardess

Elf Wizardess is a Mythical unit. This is a category that reflects how powerful she is, but also reflects her rarity. As Mythic, you only have a 0.5% chance of rolling Elf Wizardess with every summon. Even the 0.5% chance depends on her presence on the Banner. You can tell if she’s on the banner by checking in at the summoning area and looking for her likeness on the page, or by checking the banner updates on the Anime Defenders Discord.

About Elf Wizardess

Let’s go over the important info on the unit!

  • Elf Wizardess is inspired by Freiren from Freiren: Beyond Journey’s End.
  • The Unit costs 1350Y to summon.
  • You can upgrade Elf Wizardess ten times, for a total of 64,750Y.
  • You can evolve Eld Wizardess to Elf Hero with three Flame Grimoires, you craft a Flame Grimoire with the following ingredients:
    • 1 Rainbow Star Rifts
    • 3 Blue Star Rifts
    • 3 Green Star Rifts
    • 3 Red Star Rifts
    • 3 Purple Star Rifts
    • 10 Yellow Star Rifts
    • 8,500 Gold
  • In total you will need the following:
    • 3 Rainbow Star Rifts
    • 9 Blue Star Rifts
    • 9 Green Star Rifts
    • 9 Red Star Rifts
    • 9 Purple Star Rifts
    • 30 Yellow Star Rifts
    • 25,500 Gold

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