Xadia’ Releases on July 30th for Netflix, Pre-Orders Now Live – TouchArcade

Earlier this week, Netflix announced that the co-op action RPG The Dragon Prince: Xadia will launch on July 30th for iOS and Android. Today, pre-registrations and pre-orders are live for Wonderstorm’s game. The Dragon Prince: Xadia is developed by Wonderstorm, the creators of The Dragon Prince animated series. The Dragon Prince Season 6 begins on July 26th via Netflix as well, and this game has you taking on the role of Xadia’s champions in co-op missions to defeat villains from the show. Watch the new trailer for The Dragon Prince: Xadia on Netflix below:

If you’d like to play The Dragon Prince: Xadia at launch, you can pre-order it on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. Check out Wonderstorm’s official website here and the Netflix page for The Dragon Prince show here. The store pages have screenshots showcasing gameplay as well if you don’t want to watch the trailer for the game. I’m not familiar with this show at all, but I will be trying out the game when it launches on July 30th worldwide. Have you

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