NEWS: A U.S. Theme Park Is Cracking Down on Line-Jumping

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Line-jumpers beware!

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Knott’s Berry Farm — the iconic Southern California theme park that opened 104 years ago — is introducing a new program (as well as enforcing some rules they technically already had) to curb those who try to cut in line on the park’s most popular attractions. 

First off, Knott’s Berry Farm is going to enforce its preexisting rule that clearly states that “leaving and re-entering a line for any reason or place holding in line” is prohibited. The park is encouraging riders to get food or use the bathroom before hopping in line. If anyone does leave the line, they need to inform an employee that they plan to rejoin their group. 

©Knott’s Berry Farm

Beyond enforcing this preexisting rule, Knott’s has also introduced a new texting program. Similar to one at other Cedar Fair parks (Cedar Fair is the corporate owner of Knott’s Berry Farm), the program features a phone number for visitors to text Knott’s security about line jumpers. This program is advertised on new signage around the theme park.

According to a Knott’s security official, “When officers are dispatched, our goal is to gain compliance and familiarize guests with our code of conduct, but repeat offenders will be asked to leave Knott’s Berry Farm.” Currently, the new signage is on display outside the popular GhostRider coaster, but guests park-wide can text security for issues during this testing phase. 

Knott’s Berry Farm

The new system, which comes at the start of the busy summer theme park season, is the latest in a series of rule-updating efforts Knott’s has made in recent years. In 2022 and again in 2023, Knott’s enacted a chaperone policy that required guests ages 15 and under to be accompanied by a chaperone aged 21 years old or older in order for them to be admitted or remain inside the theme park after 4PM. According to the rule as written in 2023, “The chaperone must present a valid government-issued photo identification with date of birth at ticket entry. One chaperone may accompany no more than 10 guests ages 15 or younger per day.”

Park officials said in a statement at the time, “The safety of our guests and associates has always been our top priority at Knott’s Berry Farm. Over the past two years, there have been increasing incidents of unruly and inappropriate behavior across our industry and at other major entertainment venues. Our guests expect and deserve a safe, family-friendly atmosphere when they visit Knott’s Berry Farm. ”

Knott’s Berry Farm’s latest enforcement of their rules, along with their newly introduced text-messaging system, is aimed at cutting down line-jumping at the park. Stay tuned to DFB for more theme park industry updates. 

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